Useful TIPS!

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Useful TIPS!

Post by PoGoPH on Sun Aug 21, 2016 3:15 am

Heads up everyone! Read this FYI list:

1. Just catch every Pokemon you see. Each poke gives you CANDIES that can use to evolve pokes and STARDUST to power up them. Also 1 Pokemkn gives 100xp and 100 stardust. If newly added sa Pokedex 600xp.
2. Don't power up low CP pokes. Tip: Power up the pokes with higer CP and also do this when your level is high.
3. Use incense when you are in pokestops with lire module. It gives higher % of pokemon encounters.
4. Evolve high CP pokes ONLY if you want high CP pokes. (duuuuuuh)
5. Pokestops gives you items like POKEBALLS, POTIONS, EGGS, and REVIVES.
6. There are three types of eggs 2km, 5km and 10km. The higher the km the rarer the pokemon it will be. Use incubators to hatch them and you need to walk to hatch it. and while hatchinf an egg dapat naglalakad ka while nakaopen ung phone. Kung nakasakay ka and napakabilis hindi siya counted.
7. For exp grinding use Lucky egg, especially when you are going yo evolve many pokes. Ang normal na evolve exp is 500xp if nagevolve ka with Lucky egg it will be 1k xp. SOOOO catch many Pidgeys. Caterpie and Weedle as much as possible then evolve them until Pidgeotto. Metapod and Kakuna. Which is their second evolution. Ang rason bakit sila ung pokes na magandang gamitin sa evolution trick kasi 12 candies lang ang kailangan per evolution sa kanila.
8. You can transfer duplicate pokes for candies.
9. More fact about eggs, eggs gives stardust and MORE candies than literally catching pokes.

credits to rlazo

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