Evolution Guide

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Evolution Guide

Post by PoGoPH on Sun Aug 21, 2016 3:13 am

Evolution Guide:
Halos lahat nagtatanong, "kailan mag papaevolve ng pokemon?". Two things to ask you first. Para ba sa Pokedex or para sa Battle and you want it with HIGH CP.

If its for the Pokedex you can just evolve it anytime you want.

If you want a evolution form with HIGH CP then you should only evolve when you reach level 20+.

Each Pokemon have a multiplier in evolving and each pokemon have different evolution lines. For example Pidgey has 2 more evolutions unlike Spearow that only have 1 evolution. If you are evolving a Pokemon with 2 evolution stage I recommend that you evolve the BASE POKEMON (1st stage ex. Pidgey) with at least 500-700 CP to get a 1k CP 2nd evolution so that the 3rd Evolution stage will be 1.6-2k CP.

For single evolution line I recommend that you should evolve your pokemon at the 800-1k CP so that it will become 1.6-2k CP.

If you have noticed Magikarps have low CP rate. A Magikarp with 200 CP is already high and for what I have calculated the multiplier for Magikarp evolution line is like x9 - 12. So if you have a 200CP Magikarp and you evolve it, its CP will be like 2-2.4k CP.

How will you get a high BASE POKEMON? Simple, just level up your trainer fast because the higher you get the higher the CP of wild Pokes you can encounter.
How to level up fast? Catch every single pokemon you see. And refer to the Lucky Egg tips in our group for additional tricks on how to level up fast.

credits to rlazo

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