Basic Poke Tips

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Basic Poke Tips

Post by VanKreiger on Mon Aug 22, 2016 6:10 pm


Here are some Poke Tips you might want to try out:

Catching Pokemon:

1. If your Aim is a bit off at times, try this simple trick, Drag your pokeball to the left side of the screen and try to release it via flick. You'll notice it is a fixed angle and so long as you have an idea of the angle of your throw, it will hit 100%. I believe it's a bug but Niantic hasn't patched it yet or so it seems... try it out, it might be a bit better for you... Smile

2. If your the kind who wants a challenge catching Pokemon's but want something simple, try this: draw a figure of an inverted "6" using your thumb (if your right-handed); or a "6" (if your left-handed) you'll feel the difference once you throw your Pokeballs. Problem with how other throw is they tend to circle several times the Pokeball then releasing, when all you have to do is just draw a figure of a Number "6" then flick, easy curve ball. Most of the time due to the limited movement of our thumb, it actually helps with the precise angle when throwing a curve ball, something good to try out on those normal spawned Pokemon's... Smile

Pokemon GUI (graphic User Interface):

1. Usually when you want to check your items stack or Pokemon's Captured, you have to press the Pokeball in the lower middle screen of your phone, then pick either item or Pokemon... try doing this instead, press then drag the Pokeball depending on what you need to check (left if its Pokemon you have; right if you need to check/use your items; Up short for the Shop option; and Higher Up would be the Pokedex). its a slight shortcut to go straight to what you need or intend to do immediately.

2. When picking up items in PokeStops, here's a quick tip especially for those commuters who travel via EDSA. When a poke stop is near your circle, the moment it changes from a cube to a circle mark, tap it then spin it. Once the items appear close it do the same process on the next stop. Reason why we are doing this is to make sure we get the items on the Passed Poke Stop. Mobile signals tend to be difficult to get when your on the move, at least with this method you get to anticipate the next Pokestop, and ensure you get the items there as well.

Pokemon Tracking:

1. Since we lost the footprint tracker, a good way to track a Pokemon you want is be wary of the blinking bar on the lower right side of the screen. Try tapping the compass and try to turn slowly, It will start blinking green, meaning you are now facing the direction of the Pokemon,  if you are nearing the Pokemon on the Sightings Tab it will blink faster and slower if you are getting to far away from it.

Changing Nickname:

1. During the Aug 8 Patch, we now have the option to change our Nickname 1 last time, all you need to do is go to bottom > Settings > tap Change Nickname. But choose wisely as you can only change your Nick once, after that you will not be able to change it anymore.

Gym Battle:

1. After a Gym battle and you need to Revive and Heal some of your Pokemon's you can actually Heal/Revive them simultaneously, all you have to do is use your other fingers and press the Pokemon's that need Healing/Revive, and they will automatically Heal/Revive simultaneously.

2. When your having an active Gym Battle, when you do your Special Move, you can still tap and it will still continue hitting while the Cinematic for the Special Move starts.

Free Poke Coins:

1. When having Gym Battle's, once you place a Pokemon on the Gym you defeated, go to Shop then check the upper Right hand Corner, there is a Shield Symbol there, you can collect it if you want, but if you wait for several Gym battle's Defended you can collect a lot more poke Coins and Stardust.

usually you get around 500 Stardust & 10 Pokecoins upon placing a Pokemon for the first time, but if your confident with your Pokemon Placed in the Gym wait out several battles won, then collect. Be advised if you lose you won't be able to collect "ANY" Pokecoins & Stardust, so collect when your still winning... Very Happy

Will add more later when I have the time, stay tuned... Very Happy
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