Checking Your IV's

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Checking Your IV's

Post by VanKreiger on Mon Aug 22, 2016 5:40 pm


Just a quick Tip about your Pokemon's IV:

Don't be too much in a rush to level up your Pokemon just because it has a GOOD or HIGH CP, make sure to check their IV's as well. IV's are hidden potential among Pokemon's that help increase the final output of your monsters. I would recommend that you use these 2 Links below to check your Pokemon's IV's before you level them:

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[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

How to Use:

It's pretty much self explanatory when you go to this 2 sites, one tip though is to use first poke assistant, then if it gives you several range's of base IV Stats, use the Silph Road Calculator to narrow it down.

If you still can't narrow it down, try powering your Pokemon once or twice, make sure to pick yes on the powered up option in poke assistant. It will eventually give you a fixed base IV Stat of your current Pokemon.

Friendly reminder thou do not, I repeat "DO NOT" focus on Pokemon's with a Base IV lower than 80% if you wish to fully awaken them. Take your time catching the Pokemon you want with good IV's...

Never attempt to power up Pokemon's if they are below 80% as it's quite difficult to earn Stardust (without cheating of course!) Use your Stardust wisely, and use it to Pokemon's with IV 80% up...

Silph Road is the group that first beta tested Pokemon Go and most of the Tips, Tricks and Knowledge came from their experience and inputs, they are a good source in knowing more about your Pokemon's. Another Recommendation, is look for "TRAINER TIPS" in Youtube, the guy who makes the videos knows what he is talking about and has some good easy to understand tips, a must watch if you want to go in-depth on your Pokemon Go Adventures...

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